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ZEEHO, an innovator in electric mobility solutions, proudly unveils the C!TY SPORT, a cutting-edge electric scooter designed to revolutionise urban commuting. With its innovative design, exceptional performance and intelligent features, the C!TY SPORT offers riders an unparalleled experience on city streets. Available from June 2024 at authorised ZEEHO dealerships, the C!TY SPORT sets a new standard for urban adventure

Innovative Design for Urban Adventures

ZEEHO proudly introduces C!TY SPORT, an electric scooter that breaks free from conventional design norms. With its meticulously simplified yet innovative features, C!TY SPORT offers a fresh take on urban mobility. At the forefront of C!TY SPORT's design is the Matrix Front Mask, featuring square headlights that elegantly blend with the position lights, creating a captivating urban aesthetic. The scooter also boasts DUAL LED Front Lights with a double-layer integrated design, ensuring exceptional illumination with automotive-grade technology

Adding flair to C!TY SPORT's rear profile is the minimalist Vertical Taillight, inspired by the sleek lines of "flying drones." This dynamic design element complements the scooter's frame and hollow elements, enhancing its overall appeal

Superior Performance and Lightweight Agility

Crafted with an Aluminium Alloy Frame using forging technology, C!TY SPORT achieves a perfect balance of quality and strength

The scooter's powertrain is anchored by a 60V32Ah ATL Lithium Battery, delivering an impressive range to meet urban mobility demands. Due to the C!TY SPORT's power output, riders simply require a CBT qualification (Compulsory Basic Training) for road use and not a full motorcycle licence

Housing a highly efficient mid-mounted motor, C!TY SPORT ensures optimal performance while maintaining remarkable efficiency

Its suspension system, inspired by motorcycles, offers unmatched stability and reliability under various road conditions

Equipped with front and rear motorcycle-grade discs and large bore opposed dual-piston calipers, C!TY SPORT delivers swift and reliable braking. The scooter's aerodynamic rims minimise wind resistance, extending its riding range even further

Intelligent Mobility

With its LCD Display seamlessly integrated into the scooter's body, C!TY SPORT ensures clear communication with the rider

The Digital Twin Display revolutionises the riding experience by seamlessly integrating smartphone features, offering real-time data and customizable options. C!TY SPORT is equipped with an Automatic Holding System for enhanced safety on inclines and an Adjustable Energy Recovery system for customisable braking effects. The Keyless 2.0 feature offers seamless unlocking and quick start functionality, while One-click Sharing via the ZEEHO RIDE App facilitates shared mobility

Integrated Handlebar and Intelligent Charging System

The integrated handlebar of C!TY SPORT combines functionality with sleek design, featuring dustproof and waterproof light-touch switch buttons for enhanced user interaction. Meanwhile, the scooter's intelligent charging system ensures rapid charging and optimal battery performance, backed by a two-year warranty

Setting a New Standard in Urban Mobility

With its innovative design and advanced features, ZEEHO C!TY SPORT sets a new standard in urban electric scooters, offering unparalleled performance and intelligent mobility for urban adventurers everywhere

Technical Specifications

Dimensions and Performance

Wheel Base - 1.250 mm
Acceleration -  0-45km/h in 4.1s
Range* -  80km@25km/h or 60km@40km/h
Battery - 60V32Ah ATL Lithium Battery with Intelligent BMS
Rated voltage - 60V
Charging time - < 3 hours
Charging system - 700W charger
Motor - Mid-Motor
Max Speed* (@L1e-B) - 45 km/h
Power* (rated/peak) - 1.800kW / 3.500 kW

Brake System

Front - Motorcycle-grade 240mm wave disc
Rear - Motorcycle-grade 200mm wave disc
Calipers - Large bore opposed dual-piston calipers (Front: 30.2mm, Rear: 27mm)


Front - Upside-down dual-hydraulic suspension (preload, non-adjustable)
Rear - Central single hydraulic suspension (preload, adjustable)


Front - 17“
Rear - 17“

Dashboard and Additional Features

Dashboard - LCD + Digital Twin Display
OTA Firmware Upgrade - Yes
ZEEHO RIDE App compatible - Yes
4G T-Box - Yes
App Anti-Theft - Yes
Electronic fence settings - Yes
App control remote unlocking - Yes

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