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The AE8 S+ is the first high-performance and urban-style electric scooter from ZEEHO, offering riders an unparalleled experience on the streets. The model is a ground breaking innovation aimed at redefining urban commuting

Revolutionary Design and Illumination

The AE8 S+ boasts a revolutionary design inspired by sci-fi armour and technological mecha. Its dynamic combat aesthetics set it apart from traditional scooters, with a striking mech face featuring split V-shaped LED headlights and powerful side wings. These advanced LED lights not only enhance visibility and safety, but also lend the scooter a futuristic charm reminiscent of a mecha

Safety in urban traffic is further enhanced by the sharp signals inspired by battleship wings, ensuring heightened visibility and reducing the risk of accidents. Additionally, integrated stealth taillights illuminate synchronously when braking, alerting motorists and pedestrians to the rider's intentions

Performance and Power

Equipped with a Z-Core Mid Motor, the AE8 S+ delivers impressive acceleration equivalent to a 150cc petrol scooter, with a maximum speed exceeding 100 km/h. Its rapid 0-50 km/h acceleration time of just 2.6 seconds ensures swift and efficient travel through urban environments

Riders can confidently embark on extended journeys, thanks to the scooter's range of 100 km (WMTC), supported by an extra-long-range high-performance battery. The innovative battery system features a cutting-edge 69V27Ah dual portable pack design, providing extended riding durations and freedom from range limitations. With a charge time of just five hours using a 750W charger for 0-80% capacity, the AE8 S+ offers convenience and efficiency for busy urban lifestyles

Advanced Safety and Stability Features

Safety is paramount in the design of the AE8 S+, with advanced features ensuring solid braking performance and superior stability. Brembo calipers and Bosch dual-channel ABS guarantee safe and reliable braking, while an adjustable rear shock absorber enhances stability. The scooter's CST energy-saving tyres offer balanced grip with low rolling resistance, further contributing to safety on the road

Convenience and Connectivity

Incorporating convenience and practicality into its design, the AE8 S+ features a host of user-friendly amenities. Intuitive high-level buttons allow riders to control various functions effortlessly, while the continental belt transmission ensures smooth and efficient power delivery

The scooter's sleek profile is complemented by a hidden rear footpeg and an aluminium alloy front foot rest, combining functionality with aesthetics

Additionally, the AE8 S+ includes a front storage box equipped with type C and type A charging ports, providing riders with a convenient solution for keeping their devices powered on the go. This thoughtful integration of features exemplifies the scooter's commitment to providing a superior and hassle-free riding experience

Smart Technology Integration

The AE8 S+ is equipped with smart technology to enhance the riding experience further. OTA (Over The Air) firmware upgrades ensure the scooter is always up to date for leading-edge performance. The 5-inch TFT Dashboard and ZEEHO RIDE App offer personalised settings, including three riding modes and adjustable intelligent features for enhanced connectivity and safety


The AE8 S+ is poised to revolutionise the way people commute in urban environments. Whether navigating busy city streets or embarking on extended journeys, riders can rely on the AE8 S+ to deliver a superior and hassle-free riding experience.

Technical Specifications

Dimensions and Performance

Dimensions - 1900mm x 735mm x 1090mm
Wheel Base - 1380mm
Acceleration - 0-50 km/h in 2.6 seconds
Range* - 100 km (WMTC)
Battery - 69V27Ah*2 Lithium
Motor - Mid Motor
Max Speed* - > 100 km/h
Max Power* - 12.5 kW

Suspensions and Braking

Front - Hydraulic Shock Absorption
Rear - Preload Adjustable Shock Absorber


Front - Dual Pistons Brembo Calipers
Rear - Single Piston Caliper

Tyres and Safety Features

Front - 100/80-12 (CST)
Rear - 120/70-12 (CST)
ABS - Bosch Dual Channel
Cushion Material - Skin-friendly Linen

Dashboard and Additional Features

Dashboard - 5” TFT
OTA Firmware Upgrade - Yes
Proximity Guarding - Yes
Cushion Sensor - Yes
Smart Central Lock - Yes
Adaptive Lighting - Yes
ZEEHO RIDE App compatible - Yes


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