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Battery Size

In response to the evolving landscape of urban youth culture, ZEEHO unveils the AE6+, a compact yet powerful solution to urban mobility challenges. Smaller in size compared to its counterpart - the AE8 - yet surpassing existing electric motorcycles in both performance and intelligence, the AE6+ is poised to revolutionise urban commuting for a new generation of riders

ZEEHO Original Urban Design

The AE6+ epitomises sophistication and innovation with its urban elegance. Its compact front face and dynamic bodywork showcase a unique and energetic profile, reflecting the scooter's advanced technology and intelligent design. Inspired by classic arts and modern cityscapes, the AE6+ offers versatile riding comfort while accommodating riders of varying sizes and shapes

Four-in-one Lighting System

Equipped with a state-of-the-art four-in-one lighting system, the AE6+ ensures enhanced visibility and safety in urban traffic. The minimalist tail lights complement the scooter's clean appearance, appealing to the aesthetic sensibilities of modern urban riders

Clash-Inspired Colour Options

With frame colours available in State Grey and Liquid Black, complemented by a standard Lemon Green decoration kit, the AE6+ allows riders to personalise their ride

Four-in-one Side-Mounted Motor

Featuring a side-mounted motor, electric controller and rear flat fork, the AE6+ offers a concise design with ample rider space in the cockpit. Its acceleration, equivalent to a 125cc petrol scooter, ensures a dynamic and responsive ride

High-Density Frame for Optimal Rigidity

Derived from the same platform as the AE8, the AE6+ frame maintains automotive-grade high-strength steel construction while optimising rigidity and handling. Dynamic shock absorption and a low centre of gravity ensure responsive manoeuvrability in urban settings

OTA Firmware Upgrade and Intelligent Interaction

OTA (Over The Air) firmware upgrades and the ZEEHO RIDE App offer personalised settings and intelligent features, including three riding modes and safety enhancements like active collision warnings

Interactive Display and Safety

The AE6+ features a vibrant 5-inch LCD HMI (Human-Machine Interface) display, providing riders with essential information at a glance. From battery status to riding mode selection, the intuitive interface offers seamless interaction, allowing riders to customise their riding experience with ease. Equipped with a multifunctional positioning sensor, the AE6+ prioritises safety with features such as anti-theft protection and SOS accident detection

Cutting-Edge Battery Technology for Extended Range

Equipped with a high-performance lithium battery, the AE6+ guarantees extended rides without compromise. With an NEDC-rated range of 65km and a maximum range of up to 100km*, riders can explore urban landscapes with confidence. The battery's innovative design ensures impressive range and battery health over five years, offering peace of mind to riders

Convenient Charging Options for On-the-Go Freedom

Charging the AE6+ is convenient and hassle-free, whether at home or on the go. The standard 520W onboard charger effortlessly plugs into any household outlet, eliminating the need for additional charging equipment. Additionally, users have the flexibility to remove the battery and charge it separately, thanks to its convenient design. With a three-stage charging system, including trickle charge mode, constant-current charge mode and constant-voltage charge mode, the AE6+ optimises charging efficiency, ensuring minimal downtime and maximum convenience for riders

Two Versions - Extra Battery Extended Range

Available in two versions, the AE6+ 1Bat and AE6+ 2Bat, riders can choose between a single battery or dual batteries for extended range

In summary, the AE6+ electric scooter by ZEEHO combines compact design, superior performance and intelligent features, to offer urban riders a stylish, efficient and secure mode of transportation. With its innovative design and advanced technology, the AE6+ sets a new standard for urban mobility in the modern age

Technical Specifications

Dimensions and Performance

Colours available - Liquid Black/State Grey (Frame) with Lime Green as standard
Dimensions - 1780mm x 730mm x 1090mm
Seat height - 735mm
Wheel Base - 1260mm
Min. Ground Clearance - 130mm
Curb Weight - 96 kg
Frame - High Density & Rigidity Frame
Rear Fork - Single Swingarm
Acceleration - 0-50 km/h in 4.6 seconds
Max. Range* - 100 km (2 Bat version)
Battery - Lithium battery, ATL
Voltage & Capacity - 69 V 27 Ah (second battery optional)
Motor - Side Motor
Max Speed* - > 80 km/h
Max Power* - 5.5 kW
Wheel power - 160 Nm
Controller - FOC Controller


Front - Hydraulic Shock Absorption
Rear - Preload Adjustable Shock Absorber


Front - One-Way Triple-Piston CBS
Rear - Two Opposed Pistons

Tyres and Safety Features

Front - 90/90-12 (CST)
Rear - 110/70-11 (CST)

Dashboard and Additional Features

Dashboard - 5" LCD

OTA Firmware Upgrade - Yes
Proximity Guarding - Yes
Keyless Proximity Unlock - Yes
Side-Stand Detection - Yes

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