Get ready for an electrifying ride filled with energy and exhilaration! The All-New GASGAS MOTO is a play bike that will inject excitement and pure joy into your daily journeys.

GASGAS announces the MOTO urban cruiser at Eurobike 2023 - A cruiser designed for maximum fun on every ride, catering to all riders!

Inspired by the iconic California beach cruiser-styled bicycles, GASGAS has taken this beloved concept to new heights. With our unique touches, the MOTO exudes boldness, daring style, and unparalleled beauty.

Embracing decades of two-wheeled manufacturing expertise and embracing an open-minded approach, the GASGAS MOTO is the pioneer in the urban cruiser segment, showcasing contemporary styling infused with supermoto aesthetics.

While traditional urban bikes prioritize function over form, the GASGAS MOTO proves that you can have both.

The MOTO features a simple yet eye-catching design, with a durable steel frame that boasts a relaxed riding position. Its extra-long seat bench ensures a comfortable experience for riders of all sizes. Complementing its appeal are the supermoto-inspired 20” wheels, perfectly capturing the essence of this two-wheeled party machine!

Equipped with a pedal-assist system, a powerful rear hub motor, and an optional battery capacity of up to 672Wh, the MOTO caters to your riding needs all day long. Additionally, a special version for the North American market will offer a throttle grip and a maximum motor output of 750W.

Kickstart the GASGAS MOTO party - Get ready to ignite your passion!

GASGAS MOTO – Key Features ✓ One-size-fits-all urban cruiser designed for maximum versatility ✓ Supermoto aesthetics that capture attention on the streets ✓ Suitable for riders ranging from 160 to 190 cm in height ✓ Extra-long and comfortable seat for a relaxed riding experience ✓ Sturdy and robust steel frame ensures durability ✓ Powerful hub motor for an exhilarating ride ✓ 20” fat tires for superior comfort and performance ✓ Bluetooth-enabled display for seamless smartphone connectivity.